Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day Two

Well, I did NOTHING today to help this challenge!! Infact - I probably back peddled. Yes.. I hit Berry Hill Tacos and ordered a large queso with chips for lunch. GEEZ!!... really?? Yes - I did.. Of course, that's all I had for lunch today - but UH.. after eating it.. Ohhh - it was so good.. and I felt sooo bad!!

Of course, Jason sent our "Day Two" Challenge Email. And what the luck - it was about Nutrition. How many calories we need to lose weight, etc... I know this is my 2nd largest challenge. My first being - exercise - but we can chat about that another day.

My food intake for today......
1-cup of Coffee w/ White Chocolate Creamer and 3-spoons of Splenda
1-Blackberry breakfast bar - YUMMMMMMM
Lunch - Large Queso from Berry Hill Tacos (ate just about all of it) - and a mini-Coke (small can)
15 butterscotch candies
1-bottle of water (16 oz) plain
2-bottles of water (16 oz) with Benefiber mix added - Cherry Pomegranate
Dinner - Pimento Cheese Sandwich on White Long Grain Bread
1-large glass of Cran-Raspberry Juice

Ok - do you see my problem?? CHEESE!!! I LOVE CHEESE!!!

and ZERO exercise. I had a couple of rush orders to finish by Mail pick up - then there was only about 30 minutes before picking up Madi. ugh.. I would LOVE to walk outside - but my body can't handle the heat. OK OK - we won't even discuss the treadmill that is inside the house - In Air Conditioning. But - where' the motivation? I refuse to look in a mirror - in fear that I'll see the 'belly'. YUCK!! What was that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger - where he was on Mars and one of the characters had a small human attached to it's belly. Uh - that's what I feel like. This thing is alive!!

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