Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summertime Fever!!

So... it seems I am having a bit of SummerTime Fever!!! With the crazy schedule of the last two weeks and looking at our end of school events for the next 8 days, turning 38 a couple of weeks ago and watching my 5th grader - graduate and start the journey into Jr. High School....I Am Ready For Summer!!! of course, summers are just TOO HOT in Houston, but the pools are near and the air conditioning has been charged.

Here we are... Summer fun... Watermelon and Lemonade... Swimming pools and summer camps and living through the youth of my children, now I have hit a creative stride - so enjoy the watermelon, ruffles and ladybugs.. More is soon to come!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Funny Stages of Life

So, I'm sitting here, watching "Farrah's Story" (about Farrah Fawcett) and thinking about life, past, present and future. Growing up, I watched Charlie's Angels and saw some of Farrah's movies. I remember thinking - who pays attention to her, she's ditzy and the typical blonde responses. Now, I must say that my view has changed and I respect her as a woman. So many women only want to make themselves feel better by pushing other women down. And it makes me wonder, when their time is near, how will they reflect on their life? A small (very small) part of me is sad for those women, they have no idea what is precious in life and how to live life on the positive.

Of course, while watching this show, I reflect on my own life. The ups and downs, changes for the better and lessons learned. On Tuesday, I will turn 38... and I still have so many things to do and such much life to live. I'm extremely thankful for every day, live in the moment, but plan for the future!! Kiss my children and hubby daily - Laugh as though it was the cure and just keep going on. Earlier in the week, I heard Donald Trump make a statement - that I now have taken and put on my list of "Life Mottos"... If you are headed in a direction that is not working... don't give up - keep pressing on.. the plan may need to change, but do not let anything stop your dream. And I love that idea. But I also sit here and think about all that I have had to deal with this week with fellow women, and it saddens me a bit.

I am always amazed that as women, how can we be so cruel to each other. More cut throat than any two business men. We must cut each other personally, professionally and emotionally. It's just horrible. Part of the joys of being a lady is you are able to learn and grow from others, admit when you made a mistake and learn, be kind to others while always looking out for your family. Maybe that's the difference between a lady and a woman. I don't know, some women "just don't get it". Nothing is their fault, the blame of their failure is always pushed onto others and they are always right. Wow - wouldn't that be the perfect person??? But we're not all perfect, are we. Anyway, sorry to run off on that tangent. This has been a wild week.

But on the funny side... While watching the story about Farrah Fawcett's battle with cancer, they showed a few moments after she had shaved her head. Wow, all that famous hair, gone - except her bangs. The one thing that defined her for so many years - gone.... But yet, she remains the same. To me, a little ditzy in her mannerisms, but so sure of what she wants and loves. Then, I remembered that I have a hair appointment tomorrow...and I just laughed!!! How many different hair cuts and colors have I had over the last 23 years. yes, I say 23, because tomorrow, I am cutting my hair and will see more of my natural hair color. A color that I have not scene since I was 15 years old. So over the years, the blonde highlights have changed tones, color ranging from platium to now red, hair from super short, down the back long and shoulder length.... Tomorrow - it will all return to the "naturale" look. Or as one of my groupie friends say... "Virgin Hair". That just made my night.

So, every night - reflect upon your day. Ask yourself... Did you help fellow lady today? Did you kiss and love your hubby and children? Did you live today as if it was the best day of your life? Did you take a moment out to enjoy just being you? If not... then maybe you need to take a moment and think... what if this was the end for you.. do you have regrets? do you need to make amends? what can you do to make yourself a little happier tomorrow?

Ok.. I'm off my soapbox for the moment. What can I say - this has been an insane week and only to close with an amazing story, about a 70's icon losing her signature image. Best of luck Farrah - my prayers are with you!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Pony Cuff's

It's amazing what happens when I can find a few hours to sit down and create new goodies!!! So.. I'm thrilled to introduce Pony Cuffs!!! I wish my hair is long enough to use these.. but - it's too short now. Oh well. ha! More for my customers!! Happy Mother's Day everyone!!