Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hello World....

My head is about to explode!! Yes! I said it - EXPLODE!! So many ideas, SO many designs.. Where to start!! What to make first!! I just love this!

Ok, so - I've completed a few headbands and a few bows.. But there is SO much more!!

Stay tuned, check back!! There is more to come...
Hair Bows, Head bands, Monogrammed hair bows, princess dresses, little prince shorts, designs for Mom and Dad! Wow!

What, Who, Why ~ April Michelle Designs???

Hello, I am April Michelle ~ the designer behind April Michelle Designs. Since my childhood, I've had a pure drive to create cute items... This began with oil painting, then sewing clothes, painting on clothes, and so much more. Then the age of computers developed and my artistic skills moved to the computer. In 2002, I opened an online photo invitation store. The primary focus of Invitation Haven was to take a customer's photo, edit the image, add working and ribbon - creating a beautiful custom designed memory card.

In 2007, we welcomed a daughter into our family. The birth of Madi, only fueled my desire to create cute and precious items for her. After many sleepless nights, the decision was made to close Invitation Haven and open April Michelle Designs, giving an outlet to create and sell unique items for every prince and princess.

April Michelle Designs will showcase and sell many handmade items. Clothing, Hair Bows, Headbands, anything Monogrammed, photo invitations.... Anything you can image, I can create. Words can not express how excited I am to showcase my designs!! Every little Prince and Princess should be dressed with items, made with love!! I love to create each design for you... There will also be special items for Mom and Dad too!!