Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day Five of 70

OH MY!! I FEEL SOOOO GOOD TODAY!. I am so excited that I didn't over eat.. I did a good amount of exercise AND spent time with the family!!

Madi decided that she was going to start my day at 6:30am. Wasn't that just nice of her? ha! Fine.. After making her breakfast, I fixed my usual. You probably know it by now. Coffee w/ low fat French Vanilla Creamer, 2-spoons of Splenda (notice, I went from 3 to 2 of Splenda) and my Blackberry Nutragrain bar.

Madi and I fussed around the house, waiting on the boys (Kevin and Cy) to wake up, so we could all start the house cleaning and such...... Then, mid-morning snack - low fat yogurt. Once Madi was down for her nap - I finished up the packing for my weekend mail pick up. Packing boxes, running around - always makes me sweat - So - I added skipping and jumping, in hopes of picking up that cardio/heart rate.

We all ate lunch - sandwich - roast beef & mozarella cheese with water. then - off to the pool for family swim time. So - after a LONG conversation the other day, with my Mother - I took her advice on 'exercises for the pool'. Let me start off by saying - I feel a little ridiculous doing these things in the pool, with all these cute figures running around. Not only the younger ones - but the other Mom's running around with young ones - and they LOOK FABULOUS!! I'm so envious of how they look. So - let's try to turn that envy into motivation.

My Mother's trainer suggested the best pool exercise is - to cross country ski in the pool. And that is what I did - I tried to stay in one place, or just move a few feet, back and forth. I wanted to keep my full body in the pool, but when you're only 5 ft 1 in - you can't get too deep or the water would rush over my head. HA! "woman underwater after cross country skiing in pool". Now, that's a funny headline. I also added water crunches. While holding on to one of those floating noodles - I brought my straight legs up, with only a bend at the waist/ab. Hopefully that makes sense. While Kevin had his focus on Madi, I also swam a couple of laps. My stamina is so low right now, that I can only do a lap at a time.

Afternoon snack was 2-peanut butter & crackers with water, at the pool. After two hours of pool time - we all came home - cleaned up and headed to Pappadeaux for dinner. Normally - or 'in the past' I would order a large Lobster Bisque and the Large Greek Salad. And as healthy as the salad might look - it is HUGE... my issue was the Lobster Bisque. it is my favorite and with losing weight/eating healthy - I fully believe that we can still have our favorites - just in
limited portions. I ordered a small cup of Bisque and grilled Mahi with Green Beans and Raspberry Iced Tea to drink. Now, I'm sure there was butter and who knows what else in the Mahi, so - I limited my portion to only half of the Mahi (it was huge) and all the green beans.

The workout at the beach left me sore... Off to take my Motrin and have a relaxing evening

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