Friday, June 19, 2009

Day Four

Friday.... Hmm - my normal "mexican food night". But not this Friday!!! Today, my schedule was packed too full!. Once Madi was off to school and Cy off to my Mother's, I had 2-shirts to embroider and deliver, visit Emmanuel Salon in Sugarland (vendor for my hair accessory line), then home to count and finish a Stephen Joseph buy.

Needless to say - my eating today was not the best.... My exercise was full of "running around". I figured out a great cardio plan, for days like today. With my embroidery machine running and music blasting throughout the the house, my day began. So - some of my time consists of standing and watching the machine, ironing, measureing, etc.. I found that instead of just standing - I can do squats, dance around, skip from one room to another, do the twist. ANYTHING to keep my hips moving!! I'm assuming that keeping that heart rate up will help or at least it can't hurt.

Breakfast - the usual.. 1-cup of coffee and low fat french vanilla creamer (hey - I switched to low fat)
1 - black berry breakfast bar.
mid-morning snack - had full of green grapes.
lunch was on the road - had to pull into McDonald's and drive while eating. Where else could I get something quick? are small fry and small hamburger. I know - I know. trust me.. I hated doing it. It was Taco Bell, McDonald's or Burger King. There was no time to sit and eat a salad..
No afternoon snack
Dinner was Roast Beef sandwich.

Honestly - Did I reach 1100 calories?? I really don't feel that I over eat on a consistant basis. I DO over eat at moments... but not daily. Right now, I"m trying to make my eating consistant and choose the "right" foods.

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