Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day Three of 70 days (10 weeks)

Well, after my cheese filled day yesterday - I felt a bit more motivated today. Although, the day started off with my usual cup of coffee... I've given up sodas and other things, I must keep one vice!

Once Madi was off to school - I had a couple of orders and such to complete, a buy to work on and a few house chores to finish before Cy arrived home from Disney. I feel a bit better mentally about this challenge, feeling that it may be possible after all. And NO - I haven't lost a single pound - but hey, it's only day three - right??

My food intake was ok for the morning...
1-cup of coffee w/ usual white chocolate creamer and splenda
1-Nutragrain Blackberry breakfast bar
1-Mid-morning Yogurt. the Yoplait Light Wild Cherry and plain water
Lunch was 1/2 a Chicken Cesear salad from Panera Bread w/ dressing on the side and French Onion Soup, water with my Benefiber Cherry Pomegranate mix

After lunch, I started feeling a bit zippy. I finished my 'list' of things to do - and decided to jump on my bike for a quick ride. It had to be quick - because it was 95 deg outside (feels like was over 100). The ride lasted about 15 minutes. I started feeling lightheaded and came back home. I get lightheaded easily, when I overheat - been known to pass out with that before. Anyway.. Once inside. I took about a 5 minute break to regain myself and drank about 1/2 bottle of water. Then - guess what - I actually pulled out my little weights to work my upper body. Ok, so - they are only 3 pounds weights - but hey, a girl has to start somewhere!! I made it through 3 reps of 10, then 2 reps of 10 on another one.. And in walks my in-laws with Cy. So - the work out stopped. But that's ok. It was about time to pick up Madi and I was really feeling good about the little bit of exercise I had done today.

We stopped off at my Mom's house and she had made beans, cooked with a Ham bone. YUMM.
My afternoon snack was a very small bowl of beans and 1 plain water.
Dinner was follows up with a small plate of beans and white rice, and final water for the day w/ the Benefiber mix.

My Mom has going through a program similar to this and I am using alot of the information she learned in that experience. What to eat, what not to eat, etc... And we figured out that a BIG part of my problem is that one day, I may not eat enough in calories and the other day I will over eat my calories. Yes, consistancy is the key - I'm just super bad about it!!

I found out that for losing weight, my calorie intake should be around 1120, maintenance will change to 1500 - once I've lost these 30 pounds. So - here's my question. with the store purchased food, it's super easy to count your calories. But - for home made food - like my Mom's beans and rice - how to you 'count' those calories?? I know my yogurts are 100 calories and the breakfast bar I eat is less than that. Did I even eat 1100 calories today? I'm not sure. But I feel pretty good about my food intake.. so - hmmm???

Thoughts?? Comments??? advise????

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