Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mini-Totes.. Too Precious!

I am loving the new Mini-Totes. I ordered just a handful to test them out and was surprised that I actually 'like' them! They will be listed for sale at $22.00 for monogrammed initial or $25.00 for monogrammed name. Colors currently available: light pink, zebra, brown, navy and black.

These two cute totes were created for a friend with the LSU theme. The mini-market totes are great for little ones who like to carry around their crayons, toys, and other stuff. Easy size for the college aged to carry their bath/shower items. I am giving one away to a friend as a spa birthday gift - once finished, I'll add a photo.. The cute tote will have her name embroidered on the side and filled with lotions, spa gels, monogrammed towel wrap and anything else I can find.

Hope you all love them as much as I do. :)

This is a lightweight tote that folds flat for quick storage. It has aluminum frame with a soft foam padded handle. The approximate size is 11” x 9” x 6.5”

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